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Welcome to Keyless Pro

Keyless Pro imports and distributes the latest technology in security and home electronics. For over 15 years, Keyless Pro has supplied consumers with innovative products that promote household comfort and safety. Keyless Pro products provide consumers with valuable peace-of-mind; from the vulnerable front door to dark hallway corners, Keyless Pro provides a comprehensive approach to household safety. 

Our product lines include: 

  • Keyless Pro is our prestigious collection of advanced security measures that offer superior protection against would-be thieves. Through the use of radio-frequency and infrared technology, our keyless locks are convenient, reliable, and highly effective.
  • Intelli-Charger is our latest line of battery chargers with our patented intelligent polarity function to provide optimum charging for a wide-range of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Our popular Lumin-Flash line of fashion-décor nightlights are perfect for gently lighting up dark corners for safe navigation at nighttime.
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