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Q. What products and services does LuminAir provide?

LuminAir started with Novelty Ceiling fans in 1995, selling to chain stores nationwide, and enhanced the product line by adding items from a well respected fan company, Massey.

In 2000, LuminAir join ventured with a lock factory developing market for electronic door locks. These locks are now on tens of thousands of home across the North America. The website is

In 2008, LuminAir added a new product line, registered as “Intelli-Charger”. This single charger offer complete charging features for all personal electronics such as digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones, iPhone, iPad, PDA, etc. Now these chargers are being sold hundreds of shops and in numerous major airports throughout the country.

Q. Where is your office located?
Our office is located at:

208 South 5th Ave.

La Puente, CA 91746

Q. How may I contact you?

Tel: (626) 369-0350

Fax: (626) 956-0673

Or by email at

Q. When was LuminAir established?
LuminAir was established in July, 1995, incorporated in California.

Q. Where have your products been featured?
LuminAir products are being featured in many chain stores and independent dealers in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

Q. What should I do if I have a problem with products or services?
For any product info or support, contact us by phone or email above.

Q. What plans does LuminAir have for the future?
LuminAir will continue to focus on user-friendly products that will improve quality of life.

Q. What is a “keyless” lock?
Keyless locks have no keyhole or contact point on the outside of your door, preventing the lock from being picked or tampered with. Keyless locks represent one of the safest inventions in home security.

Q. How do I use a keyless lock?
To open one of our unique locks, enter your Opening Code (4-6 digits) on the KnocKey and press it to the outside surface of the door.

Q. What is a KnocKey?
A KnocKey is a portable, electronic device that you enter the Opening Code into. By pressing the KnocKey to the door with the keyless lock installed, it transfers the Opening Code to a discrete sequence of Mechanical Knocks (Knock Code) to the lock through solid materials (metal, wood, plastic, glass, etc.). The lock will be opened if the correct code is applied.
One KnocKey can open an unlimited amount of locks, as long as the proper code is entered. No need for a ton of keys! Additionally, replacing a KnocKey is simple and safe: simply enter your master security code into the new KnocKey and you’re ready to go!

Q. What is a Knock Code?
The Knock Code is produced and encrypted by KnocKey or Mounted KnocKeypad and has billions of combinations. For further safety, the lock will not open if the code is recorded or played back.
The Knock Code is the combination of the time intervals between knocks. Each lock can be easily programmed by the user to be opened by 125 opening codes.
For high traffic areas, we offer a Mounted KnocKeypad that can be attached to the door or frame for maximum security without any wiring or installation problems.

Q. Why should I choose keyless locks?
Keyless locks are one of the safest locks for your home, apartment, business, warehouse, boats, and trucking. Our Knock Code Technology and all of our unique lock designs are patented worldwide.

Q. Why should I choose NEXcell NiMH rechargeable batteries over other types of batteries?
NEXcell NiMH batteries are rechargeable up to 500 to 1000 times which means you can save money comparing to rechargeable alkaline of 50 recharges and non-rechargeable batteries. Our NiMH batteries are also designed for power intensive applications such as digital camera, the batteries will maintain a high and consistent voltage during its discharge cycle, NEX
cell batteries have lower impedance than the other brands in the market.

Q. What is the "no memory effect"?
The traditional NiCd batteries would develop memory effect problem if the batteries are discharged at a fixed depth of discharge and then recharged frequently before they have fully drained. "No memory effect" means that you can charge the batteries anytime you like without worrying their performance and battery life. NEX
cell NiMH batteries have no memory effect.

Q. How long a rechargeable battery will last?
The charge holding time of an unused rechargeable battery at room temperature is about one to three months depends on the storage temperature. The best storage temperature range is 10 to 20 C. NEXcell batteries are rechargeable up to 500-1000 times depending on discharge and charge current and working condition.

Q. How many times can I recharge my NEXcell NiMH batteries?
The answer is between 500-1000 times. As a general rule the higher the discharge and charge rates as well as the deeper the discharge between recharges the fewer charge/discharge cycles will be obtained.

Q. How can I help my rechargeable batteries last longer?
1) Use only "A" grade charger and follow the instructions come with the charger. Cheap "B" or "C" grade chargers will damage your batteries and shorten their life.
2) Overcharging will also damage your batteries and shorten their life. Use a high quality "smart charger" to solve this problem.
3) Make sure not to drop your NiMH batteries which will cause unrecoverable damage.

Q. Why should I pay more for the "higher battery capacity"?
The capacity of NiMH batteries is rated in "mAh" (mili-ampere hours). If the discharge current is fixed, for example, 1000mA, the higher capacity means the battery will last longer.

Q. Do I need to charge the new batteries before using them?
Yes. You may need to cycle them several times before the NiMH batteries reaching their peak performance.

Q. What is conditioning?
The conditioning process is used first to drain the charge from the batteries and then recharging them. Conditioning can allow batteries to perform at their best standards and eliminate the memory effect of NiCd batteries. For NiMH batteries, conditioning is recommended for every ten to twenty charges.

Q. Is it normal that the batteries get warm when charging the rechargeable batteries?
Yes. This is because the increase of internal resistance and less energy conversion efficiency from electric energy to chemical energy. We recommend you leave the lid open during charging to reduce the heat build up inside the charger.

Q. How long will the rechargeable batteries hold their charge?
NiMH batteries will self-discharging even left unused. They will lose 1-2 % capacity per day. The self-discharging rate is depending on the storage temperature. Store your batteries in a cool dry place to minimize the self-discharging effect. You need to recondition and charge the batteries several times to restore their peak performance. NEXcell NiMH batteries do provide a much longer shelf life compare to almost all other NiMH batteries.

Q. What is the regular battery charger?
Regular (cheap) chargers apply a set charge rate and then shut off with a timer. A modern high capacity battery may not have received a full charge before the timer shut off. On the other hand, the partially discharged batteries may be overcharged when they receive the same timed charge. Also if there is a power interruption during charge, the timer will start over and could result in overcharging.

Q. What does NEXcell "Smart Charger" do?
NEXcell "Smart Charger" have advanced built-in chip with four separate protections -dV, -dT, Tmax, Timer to protect and prolong your batteries life. As the charger senses the voltage rise and change when your batteries have reached a full charge, they will then automatically switch to compensation charge for about 30 minutes then to trickle charge which will keep your batteries fully charged until use.

Q. What is supplement charge?
Charge between master charge and trickle charge. Your batteries are still not fully charged after first step high current fast charging. Compensation charge can fill the batteries up to their full capacity. It will take too long to fill the batteries up if only using trickle charge. Typical current at this stage is 250 mA for AA or 180 ma for AAA. It takes about 90 minutes before going to trickle charge. The LED is red at this stage.

Q. What is trickle charge?
After your batteries are detected fully charged, the NEXcell "Smart Charger" will automatically switch from high current master charge to low current trickle charge to prevent your batteries from overcharging and maintain your batteries capacity at their top capacity. Typical current at this stage is 50 ma for AA or 30 ma for AAA. The LED is green at this stage indicating batteries are ready to be used.

Q. What is "Sleep and Wake-up Mode"?
This is an innovative function for NC-50SC model which can keep the batteries at a full charge condition during trickle charge without damaging the batteries. Trickle charge is for maintaining the battery capacity from self discharging. However, long time trickle charging will damage the batteries. NC-50SC has trickle charge for 12 hours then followed by a 6 days sleeping period. During this 6 days charger sleeping time, there are no trickle charge current flowing into the batteries. The charger will be waked up after the sleeping time over and "juiced" the batteries with a trickle charge for 12 hours. The sleep and wake-up mode will be repeated indefinitely. Therefore, the battery can be fully charged in the charger indefinitely.

Q. How do I calculate the batteries charging time?
You can divide the battery capacity (mAh) by your battery charger ma rate to derive the charging time. Let's say you are charging 2000 mAh batteries with a 500 ma (MAHA MH-204F) rate charger will take about 4 hours to get fully charged. (2000/500=4 hrs) It will only take about 2 hours to get your 2000 mAh batteries fully charged if with a 1000 ma (NEXcell 20FC) rate Charger. (2000/1000=2 hrs)

Q. Do you have 1 hour "Smart Fast Charger"?
Yes. NEXcell 40FC Smart Fast Charger is an 1 hour charger if you are charging 2 AA or 2 AAA cells. Put 2 AA or 2 AAA rechargeable batteries in the left bank of NEXcell 40FC. The master charging current is designed 2000 ma for left bank of NEXcell 40FC.

Q. Why NEXcell "Smart Charger" has conditioning feature?
Conditioning feature of NEXcell "Smart Chargers" are designed for: 1) Recharge NiCd rechargeable batteries which are deeply effected by "memory effect". 2) If you are charging 2 different charges remaining cells together or you are not sure of their discharge state. This will allow both cells to recharge equally.

Q. How often should I condition my batteries?
For new NiMH rechargeable batteries, you may need to condition them several times before your NiMH batteries reaching their peak performance. Then we recommend conditioning your batteries every ten to twenty charges.

Q. Can I use NEXcell "Smart Charger" to charge NiCd batteries?
Definitely. However you can not use NiCd charger to charge NiMH batteries.